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    LEGLE FRANCE - 2017 Website Revamp

    No robot can ever be a chef.   Technology may have reimagined the relationship between consumers and their food; social platforms widen the appeal of exquisite fine dining experiences, encouraging culinary creativity and accelerating exchanges as well as innovation within the industry. Foodie made culinary trips aimed at paying respect to chefs who inject their philosophy into the dishes, turning the dining experiences into a voyage of the five senses. Even though AI can’t imitate the human characteristics in our food culture, but technology can still enriched our senses in fine dining; digital platforms highlighting our desire for the sensational, strengthening culinary exchanges and creative possibilities.   JL DESIGN created a new web brand experience for LEGLE FRANCE; food culture may be the next big thing for the digital platform.   Since its establishment in 1890, LEGLE FRANCE has been a tableware brand for over a century, and for the first time, created a website for the Asia market, bringing the brand’s modern elegance to focus. JL DESIGN helmed its marriage of the traditional and the modern, building for the French brand a fresh image, enabling users to browse in a colorful grid layout design, providing a brand experience that is luxurious, elegant and modern. The goal of the website design is to emphasize on the brand experience, and giving accolades to the most important and influential in the food industry; celebrity chefs, five-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants. Users can observe in a virtual world, the details and craftsmanship, and enjoy customization of its products. The website specially features the Chinese food culture revival and creativity program - Ruyi Gastronomy. It is a pursuit of the spirit in ancient Chinese dining culture, by collaborating with six five-star Asian restaurants, and combining quality local ingredients to re-create a most exciting dining experience in the pairing of food and tableware.





    Creative Agency


    Creative Direction

    JL 羅申駿

    Executive Producer

    Angela Moo 巫安琪

    Senior Producer

    Chia Ying Tsai 蔡佳穎

    Project Manager

    Joelle Wang 王偉薇

    Art Director

    Lance Wei 魏良恩


    Jade Cheng 蔡曉正

    Front-end Developer

    Ray Chang 張勝鈞

    Back-end Developer

    Manson Wang 王致甯



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