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    700Bike x W - 野狗007 Product Film

    When living right is hard, wouldn’t you rather be a dog? From the time we are born, we are taught to be a good kid, to study hard, to get into a good college, get a stable job, to make money, get married, have kids - all of which are norms and expectations of the society. “There is something at once sobering and absurd in the extent to which we are lifted by the attentions of others and sunk by their disregard” quoted in Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. When we worry about not being able to meet the terms of success according to society’s standards, we lose our sense of self-respect and the respect of others, creating this feeling of shame, neglect and anxiety that our status in society is being lowered. Go where you can even if it’s beyond your reach. Do what you can even if you may never become that you desire. 700bike x W agency collaborated to produce the bike “Wild Dog 007”, throwing out the question of how deep our desire is. Is wealth more important than dignity? Can fame and success replace morals? For the life that you want, how many obstacles within yourself do you have to overcome and in the real world? For the life that you wish for, what is the price you are willing to pay in order to attain it? JL DESIGN collaborated with Taiwan’s new wave director Yuen Hsieh, and together with W agency produced  the commercial film - “Be a wild dog”. Yuen Hsieh in his signature subculture visual language, challenge the status quo, breaking the mold in expressing what is being “wild” and “daring” in our society. The director’s personal experience and keen observation lead to his worldview; his unrestrained show of taboo subjects, and the most naked expression about desire. The story setting sees the protagonist working in a love motel. He observes the comings and goings of the guests, how they live restrained by the rules of the game in today’s society, trying to win at “the dog race” online game. In order to fulfil their desire, they are willing to turn into someone’s dog. The protagonist having given in to pressure, entered the online game. He won everything but gave it all up after an awakening, surrendering fame and fortune to be a wild dog, returning to his roots, where his true passion lies; to “Go where you can even if it’s beyond your reach. Do what you can even if you may never become that you desire.” The art direction from settings to costume to online game, has an old school yet futuristic style. Departing from realism, with a strong color scheme and using glitch to create a visual that pops and catches the imagination of the audience, unrestrained in its expression.



    Creative Agency


    Creative Director

    JL 羅申駿

    Executive Producer

    Angela Moo 巫安琪

    Head of Project Management

    Chia Ying Tsai 蔡佳穎

    Project Manager

    Ryan Lin 林志翰

    Post Production

    Sika Films Co. Ltd. 梅花鹿影業股份有限公司


    Yuen Hsieh 謝宇恩


    Shufei Zou 鄒舒斐


    Sheng Hong Yu 尤勝弘

    Production Assistants

    Casper Chiu 邱昱凱

    Production Assistants

    Cheng Yuan Wang 王正元

    Director Of Photographer

    Wei Yu Tseng 曾崴榆

    First Camera Assistant

    Yung Sen Lin 林永森

    Camera Assistants

    Ji Hong Lai 賴吉宏

    Camera Assistants

    Che Meng Tsai 蔡孟哲

    Production Design / Props

    Shao Chu Huang 黃少築

    Art Dep. Assistant

    Pin Shao Chen 陳品劭


    Yi Hua Chang 張益華

    Lighting Assistants

    Po You Chen 陳柏佑,
    Ting Feng Chung 江庭鋒,
    Ling Lee 李麟,
    Jung Lung Huang 黃榮隆

    Key Grip

    Bryan Lin 林龍輝


    Si Wei Lin 林斯偉,
    Chia Wei Chang 張家瑋


    Lotus Chen 陳冠瑋,
    Yu Hsiang Wang 王昱翔,
    Eli Xiao 蕭涵尹,
    Fox 洪子云,
    En Ko 柯恩,
    King Kong 金剛,
    Chi Hao Yang 楊智皓,
    Chin Yu Hsieh 謝金玉,
    Yuen Hsieh 謝宇恩,
    Leng Chien Su 蘇稜茜


    Lotus Chen 陳冠瑋


    Che Wei Chou 周哲瑋


    Chiger Chen 陳奇逸

    Sound Record (V.O Rec.)

    Ching Chiu Tseng 曾清秋


    Tzu Sing Tu 涂子訢

    Sound Design

    Brayden Liu 劉家樺


    Justin Feng 馮鈞稜

    Making Of (Behind The Scene)

    Singing Jhang 張馨尹

    Still Photographer

    Chien Che Tang 唐健哲

    Styling Artist

    Nibiru Lin 林秉儒


    Feng Yi Chien 簡逢逸

    Hair Salon

    Flux Réel Hair Boutique

    Lead Hair Artist

    Stanley Hsu 徐永年,
    Bonny Lin 林芳如,
    Hsing Chang 張奇杏

    Make-Up Artists

    Yenting Yang 楊硯婷,
    Halu Huang 黃郁晴,
    Ruhan Ting 丁如涵,
    Jieyu Shen 沈倢宇

    Special Thanks

    Niba Liao,
    Mei Chuan Tsai 蔡美絹,
    Mu Liu Hsieh 謝木柳,
    Michelle Wang 王郁文,
    Hsiao Chin Lin 林孝親,
    Szu Yu Lin 林思妤,
    Winsound Studio 紋聲音樂



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