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    Johnason Lo


    With a start in the television industry in 1996, Johnason Lo went from joining the highly regarded Era Communications/Azio TV to leading a design team for the on-air brand identity of the 13th Golden Melody Awards Show, Taiwan's most prominent annual music event.  In 2002, the Azio TV idents that he created in the Chinese calligraphy style won silver at PromaxBDA Asia for best ident, making him the first designer in Taiwan to win an award at PromaxBDA, and propelling him onto the international stage.

    At age 25, he gained his overseas experience working for local and international channels in Singapore; lending his eye for detail and innate sense of style to the work he did for HBO, Cinemax and Channel 8.  He was actively involved in the local design scene, and upon his return to Taiwan, would draw from the different influences and his understanding of various workflow from the time in Singapore when launching his own company.

    In 2007, Johnason reached a turning point in his life and JL DESIGN was thus founded. His forward thinking approach and knowledge of workflow broke the mold, diverging from the practices of the Taiwan television industry.  In the beginning, JL DESIGN was more focused on motion graphics.  Apart from pioneering motion graphics in Taiwan, he was involved in conceptualization and brand strategy for channels and commercials in Asia.

    In 2009, JL DESIGN became the first design studio in Asia to rebrand for Aljazeera News channel.  That same year, Johnason was invited to speak at TEDxTaipei and he made an impassioned speech about the future of motion graphics in Taiwan.  He was also winning accolades for his works and gaining attention from the press; appearing in +81 magazine's 'Next Creative Generation in Asia', WIRED's 'The Illusionists of Channel Images', PPAPER's 'Motion Graphics: Top in Asia', La Vie's 'Taiwan's Top 100 Design' etc.

    JL DESIGN has established itself as a working model; a design agency that specializes in brand positioning, creative processes and storytelling, providing its international clientele with a full line of creative services that include branding strategy, brand visual identity, digital content and interactive media.  In 2013, Johnason was appointed as CEO of SOFA STUDIO, an animation studio in Taiwan.  Since taking the helm, he is turning it into a VFX company specializing in commercials and feature films.  As a second-generation leader in the design arena, Johnason will steer the companies into new foray on the international stage.

    1996年由電視頻道為起點,羅申駿從年代電視/東風衛視到台灣最重要音樂盛典13屆金曲獎頒獎禮的視覺統籌設計,其多元與深具藝術性的作品在2002年以東風衛視的頻道ID設計獲得PromaxBDA Asia最佳頻道識別銀獎後,不僅成為台灣第一位獲獎的設計師,也打開羅申駿的國際舞台之路。

    25歲延攬至新加坡工作的期間,羅申駿為HBO/ Cinemax/ Channel 8等頻道操刀,發揮其自身的美感知覺設計並豐富了該頻道的包裝視覺。同時,活躍於新加坡國際設計社群,吸收來自世界不同領域菁英之專業與製作流程,也為日後回台設立公司種下種子。

    2007年人生中的一段際會,因而成立了JL DESIGN; 羅申駿以其前瞻性的思維與國際頻道的製作流程與專業知識,打破台灣業界固有模式。設立初期,羅申駿將JL DESIGN設定為台灣首間著重在動態影像設計(Motion Graphics)的公司; 除了在動態影像設計領域擔任開創者的角色外,同時也為亞洲電視頻道/廣告進行整體創意發想與設計執行。

    2009年,更成為第一間為中東半島電視台提供整體視覺規劃與設計的亞洲公司; 同年,應TEDxTaipei邀請擔任講者,探討台灣影像動畫產業的未來(前景)。羅申駿所帶領創作的作品屢屢獲得國際大獎肯定與吸引各方媒體的注意與報導:+81雜誌評價為Next Creative Generation in Asia、 WIRED/ 頻道形象魔法師、PPAPER/ 亞洲視覺動畫第一人、La Vie/ 台灣百大設計力...等。

    JL DESIGN已成功立下典範並為專精Branding Position品牌定位/Creative Process創意思考/Storytelling Medium故事媒材的創意設計公司,為國際客戶提供品牌規劃/廣告/數位媒體/頻道設計/互動的全方位創意服務。2013年,羅申駿更接下台灣原創動畫製作公司SOFA STUDIO執行長一職,並將其逐步轉型為視覺特效/電影特效專門製作公司。身為二間公司的領導人物,羅申駿帶領團隊在世界設計舞台繼續開創新里程!

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